Welcome to my personal website. I'm Joel Boehland, a software developer, polyglot programmer, and avid mountain biker.

I live in Bellingham, WA with my significant other Heather Wolf and our two dogs.

My opensource projects are on github, mostly in Ruby, Clojure, Emacs Lisp or Python.

In 2012, I worked with John King of Highwaters Media to help create a new website for the Skagit County Boys and Girls Club that enabled them to take online donations from Paypal and integrate with the Donortools REST API.

In 2011, I worked with Jeff Lewis of Burly Systems to to successfully develop a mobile sales and contact management application for Century Link sales personnel on the road. A requirement was that the application run on Android, Blackberry and standard web clients.

In 2009, I created an emedicine iPhone App: Quick BP.

I'm also the founder of a contract software development company: Evocomputing, Inc.

Online, you can find me tagging, blogging, or tweeting. Offline you will find me mountain biking, enjoying a brew at one of the best brewpubs in the Pacific NW, or just bbq'ing with my friends.